Control Centre Operative
Glasgow Airport Limited

Location: Glasgow Airport Limited

Closing date: 21/04/2021

Salary: £19,924.32

Department: Security

An opportunity for a permanent part-time Control Centre Operative, has become available at Glasgow Airport. This role involves shift work.


The Airport Control Centre (ACC) operative role operates across many functions and systems to ensure our staff, customers and business partners have a safe, secure and efficient journey through Glasgow Airport.  

The team are required to work proactively, cohesively and effectively with colleagues and stakeholders including the airport security and terminal team, fire service, airside operations team, the emergency services and other third parties to ensure the safety and security of the airport.

This is a challenging role which requires a proactive and focused approach at all times.  The role which is within a small team, provides 24 hour cover for some of the most crucial functions at Glasgow Airport.


  • Security – To prevent and prohibit unauthorised access to the Critical Part of the Security Restricted Area (CPRSA) at all times using the multiple resources available to them in the form of systems; CCTV, Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS), Antibacktrack analytics, CEM. Aided by the deployment of foot and vehicular security patrollers.  To co-ordinate security screening of key areas post flight arrival or post equipment shutdown.  To provide security escorts to permit and control movements around the CPRSA and the airside areas.  To ensure the response plan to security breaches is fully and effectively carried out.
  • Emergency – the ACC operator has the key role in the effective management of all emergency events at Glasgow Airport, from manning the airport’s emergency line (222) to carrying out actions for aviation incidents in the Emergency Orders for both Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports and deployment of emergency and contingency plans where applicable.
  • Performance – To effectively monitor and measure where necessary waiting times at Glasgow Airport.  Using CCTV to effectively deal with flow within terminals, piers, arrivals areas and road systems and taking the correct action upon seeing an issue in an affected area.  The ACC operatives are the eyes and ears of the operation and as such, will communicate regularly with duty teams, managers and control authorities to ensure a smooth transit for our customers from drop off to departure and back.  
  • Access Control – To control access to service yards, car parks and bus waiting areas by the use of the airport’s ANPR system and information made available.  To ensure that no unauthorised vehicles are permitted access to restricted roadways or yards.  To co-ordinate deliveries to yards and provide security cover to screen items.
  • Engineering Helpdesk – To provide cover for the engineering helpdesk service for Glasgow Airport, handling calls, emails and system requests for engineers and technicians to maintain the smooth operation of the Airport. The ACC operative is expected to use their judgement to assess the criticality of the faults being reported and deployment of labour accordingly.
  • Fire Control – To provide 24h fire control to the Airport’s Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS).  Deployment of appliances required to incidents and pass emergency and informative messages to crews by multiple broadcast media.  Recording key timestamps for the RFFS during their operation.  Effectively managing fire crews’ whereabouts at any point on the shift.  Remotely managing the fire station to ensure the building remains secure and safe when crews are off station.
  • Public Address – to use the airport’s PA system to make announcements for airlines, to pass information, to reunite customers with left property and in emergency situations, broadcast key messages to ensure our customers are kept informed and safe.
  • RT – To effectively communicate by radio channel to fire crews, security and airside operations in accordance with CAP 418
  • Admin – to maintain ANPR databases and communicate with customers via email
  • AGS customer information line – Often the first point of human contact to customers for the three airports, the ACC operative is responsible for providing an excellent standard of customer service to callers. The ACC shall provide details on information requested by use of media available to them.  
  • Provide support to projects and / or continuous improvement initiatives as required.



  • IT literate, comfortable with using multiple systems at the same time. 
  • Able to effectively prioritise tasks to meet the demands of the work presented.
  • A high standard of written and spoken English 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels by appropriate means.
  • A strong communication skills both within the team on shift and when passing information in emergency situations or incidents.
  • Able  to work flexibly on both routine and more complex tasks.
  • Able to remain calm and focused in an emergency situation or incident.
  • Able to respond appropriately and timeously to any situation or incident. 
  • Able to use a common sense approach in situations where it is required, whilst realising and appreciating the boundaries and limitations of procedure and process.
  • A proactive approach to working, seeing and resolving potential issues before they become reality.


  • Trained to Security Level 1
  • Experience of using CCTV and access control systems.
  • Knowledge of airport and airfield topography.