IT Services Director

Location: Home

Closing date: 08/12/2017

Salary: 60-70k

Employment type: Permanent

Department: Group IT - IT Operations

London or Manchester based. Primarily working from home, UK/Worldwide travel to be expected

Job Purpose

To ensure effective delivery of IT Services to staff and students, establishing effective working relationships and a service management framework for identified vendors. To identify improvements in vendor services and delivery, satisfying both strategic and tactical requirements.


Principal Accountabilities

  • Work with staff and students to ensure effective delivery of operational IT Services which meets the needs of the business.
  • To plan, lead and co-ordinate improvement initiatives involving IT services.
  • Ensure adequate vendor provided service support arrangements are in place to meet current IT requirements.
  • Evaluate current vendor services, and recommend improvements to the scope of supply based on strategic objectives.
  • Develop and implement and service management framework for identified key vendors.
  • Develop and maintain Project Plans and budgets as necessary for summarising the overall goals and sequence of related activities.
  • Ensure projects are planned and executed in-line with the BPP approach:
    • Project team roles and responsibilities
    • Risk and Issue identification and management
    • System and Operational Acceptance testing
    • Deployment planning, management and transition to live operation
    • Training: Business and IT
    • Operational support plans
  • Ensure deliverables meet required quality standards
  • Develop and maintain a Communications Plan and keep the business and IT communities appraised of plans and related implications
  • Ensure the hand-over to operational support (Infrastructure Support, Applications Support and Service Management)
  • Coordination of internal BPP services (e.g. Facilities Management) and external service providers as necessary to meet project timescales
  • To take responsibility for: task setting; forecasting and estimating; milestone identification; reporting and monitoring; risk management; issue management; quality assurance; change management  and financial reporting.
  • To manage resources as appropriate to the implementation of IT related activities.
  • To carry out other tasks as agreed with the IT Director.
  • To take responsibility for: task setting; forecasting and estimating; milestone identification; reporting and monitoring; risk management; issue management; quality assurance; change management and financial reporting.
  • To co-ordinate the plans and efforts of IT support staff, and forecast resource utilisation.
  • To carry out other tasks as agreed with the Head of IT.


Job Contacts

  • Internal:       -      Management teams of all Lines of Business.

                                        -      All BPP staff

  • External       -      Equipment providers and maintenance suppliers

                                        -      Service providers

                                        -      All BPP students



  • Decision-making authority
  • The direction of the activities associated with the development of IT services to staff and students.
  • The direction of vendor related activities and associated support services.


  • Staff management/budgetary management
  • Budgets associated with vendor expenditure (capital purchasing, applications licensing and maintenance).
  • Resources associated with the delivery of IT Services.


Key Performance Measures

·         IT Service – Delivery of IT services to the business, without significant failure or poor service performance.

·         Vendor Management – Delivery and implementation of a Vendor Management framework, for all key IT vendors.

·         Business Communication – Communication of IT Service activities, to ensure the business is aware of status and any related issues.


Core Competencies

  • Achieving Results – Be aware of key business objectives, and ensure these are applied appropriately to all business activities.
  • Building Relationships – Able to develop effective relationships with all BPP and client staff, and be recognised as providing a supporting role.
  • Commercial and Business Awareness – Able to identify business opportunities, and be aware of the associated risks. Able to balance the financial, quality, people and customer expectation related risks.
  • Customer Focus (internal & external) – Able to anticipate and understand customer expectations, and ensure customer requirements are met and expectations appropriately managed. Able to build partner relationships with customers and suppliers, and focus on solving their problems.
  • Communication – Effective communication skills suitable for the management of and liaison with departmental staff and senior management, both on a one to one and one to many basis. Demonstrate effective communication, both orally and in writing, with subordinates, colleagues, clients and customers including producing reports, preparing, organising and delivering presentations using appropriate tools and techniques, and taking a leading role in meetings and discussions.
  • Planning and Organising – Effective at determining a course of action by breaking it down into smaller steps and by planning and resourcing each of these, making allowance for potential problems. Must manage the field of responsibility within allocated budgets, and be able to plan and forecast future budgets based on business priorities.
  • Understanding BPP – Understands and promotes BPP strategies, policies and procedures. Aware of how the organisation operates.
  • Teamwork – Effective at contributing towards the objectives of a team, and be able to share knowledge, ideas and information. Aware of the needs, objectives and constraints of those in other disciplines and functions. Effective at managing people and can adopt an appropriate style to foster good team working.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – Effective at solving problems in a measured and creative way. Capable of independently assessing a wide variety of tasks, and be proactive in relation to identifying and undertaking activities that are to the benefit of the business. Effective at balancing long and short term objectives, and understand business value. Be responsible for own decisions.
  • Influencing and Impact – Act in a professional manner, and exhibit the required behavior that should act as an example to other employees. Needs to delegate tasks, responsibilities and authorities effectively. Effective at identifying goals and objectives, and motivating and leading others towards their achievement. Able to network throughout the wider IT community.
  • Innovation, Flexibility and Adaptability – Undertake tasks with a positive attitude and respond well to management and client requests. Working locations may include a variety of BPP and client sites. Must be prepared to meet business goals and respond well to change and authorities effectively. Effective at identifying goals and objectives, and motivating and leading others towards their achievement. Able to network throughout the wider IT community.


  • Qualifications – Degree qualified and/or relevant professional qualification and experience (e.g. Prince 2 Foundation). However, applications from candidates with appropriate and relevant work experience or other equivalent qualifications will also be considered.
  • Experience – Significant IT Operations management experience, in a role that requires involvement and understanding of business activities and vendor management. Aware of industry and professional standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ITIL)
  • Training – Formal training in ITIL disciplines.
  • Skills – Familiar with methodologies and project tools such as PRINCE2 and Microsoft Project.
  • Analytical Thinking – Effective at acquiring an understanding of a problem or situation, and developing an approach to interacting with the situation.
    • Strategic Perspective – Needs to keep overall objectives and strategies in mind, and not be deflected by matters of detail.
    • Stress Handling - Retaining objectivity and proper understanding of a problem or situation when placed under conditions of stress
    • Applying standards – Effective in the application of relevant industry and process standards to all tasks undertaken.
    • Industry Developments – Must take initiative to ensure technical skills and specialisations are kept up to date in line with industry developments and ensure that all relevant skill sets are current.



The closing date for this job has now passed.