Social Work Together Programme - Candidates
National - UK

Vacancy Reference: 001889

Location: National - UK

Closing Date: 30/09/2021

Salary: Dependent on council

Employment Type: Other

Department: National Scheme

Hours Per Week: Dependent on role

Social Work Together is about helping social workers return to practice to support the local response to coronavirus (COVID-19). 

The Social Work Together programme will close on 30 September 2021 as the government funding has come to an end. Sign up by 8 September to ensure your application has time to be viewed by councils. 

You can click on the 'apply' button below to complete an expression of interest to help match your skills to where they are needed most.

What is Social Work Together?

Social Work England has issued an urgent appeal to bring social workers back to the frontline to support the local response to coronavirus (COVID-19). So far, there has been a very positive response.

 temporary register of returning professionals is now live, paving the way for people to return to practice during this national emergency to support individuals and local communities in great need.

In partnership with Social Work England, the Department for Education and the Department of Health and Social Care, the Local Government Association is delighted to provide a platform to connect those offering their expertise to local employers.

By expressing your interest today, you will have the opportunity to share your skills with employers and discuss where your expertise is most needed. However, please note that we cannot guarantee employment with councils.

Councils can use our online portal to search for social workers in their areas and contact them if a suitable role becomes available. With the local response to coronavirus (COVID-19) constantly evolving, this may take some time and we thank you for your patience.

What we can guarantee is free online training and resources to support your continuing professional development (CPD). Once you express your interest for Social Work Together, you will be given access to our ‘green room’ and be able to take part in regular webinars with other candidates.

Who can apply?

We recognise that social workers’ contribution to supporting people and communities has never been more important than it is today. You can apply immediately if you fall into any of the categories below:

  • If you are a registered social worker.
  • If you have been out of social work practice for less than two years and have been automatically re-registered by Social Work England.
  • If you are a registered social worker working in another sector or not currently in employment.

Further support

If you have any technical queries related to the website, please contact the LGA. For all other queries please contact the Department for Education.

Additional guidance on how to support and protect vulnerable children in light of coronavirus (COVID-19), can be found on the Department for Education’s website.

You can also download our Frequently Asked Questions and a joint letter from the Secretary of State for Education and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, below.

If you have been out of practice for over two years, and therefore do not qualify for this scheme, please visit our Return to Social Work campaign.

The closing date is an anticipated date due to programme currently being driven by demand to support employers during COVID-19.



This vacancy is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.