Volunteer Police Cadet
Force Headquarters

Job reference: 006547

Closing date: 28/05/2021

Job start date: 07/05/2021

Salary: Voluntary

Employment type: Voluntary

Department: (CEU) Community Engagement Unit

Hours per week: Minimum of 2 per week

Working Days: By Agreement

To be eligible for our Cadet Programme, candidates must have a date of birth ranging from 01/09/03 - 31/08/05.  Applicants will be subject to Police vetting.

We are looking for young people who are keen, enthusiastic and willing to commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week as part of an 18 month training and development programme to be a volunteer police cadet. The scheme is aimed at young people who will become a uniformed member of The Extended Police Family.

The scheme, which has been running for a number of years, offers an opportunity for young people to take part in a  scheme to provide an insight into the work of Merseyside Police.

The scheme aims to engage and develop young people, to help them engage them with their communities and encourage them to become positive role models and ambassadors among their peers.

While many cadets do consider a career in the police service, this is not always the case and is certainly not a bar to recruitment, as most of the skills and experiences they obtain will be transferable to other walks of life.

Cadets will be involved in a structured training programme aimed at developing such key life skills as interviews, application forms, CVs, communication and presentation skills.

The majority of the mandatory Saturday Cadet Sessions will take place from 10am until 12pm in Merseyside Police Headquarters, which is located in the city centre. There will be occasions where sessions are extended, and held in an alternative location to HQ.

They will have the opportunity to learn more about the police service with insights and visits to many departments including the Dogs and Mounted Section, Firearms, the control room, public order training and court visits.

Other activities include involvement in fundraising events, local problem solving exercises, involvement in local community activity, high profile civic events, first aid training and an insight into the policing of football matches. There will also be a number of teambuilding events such as dragon boat racing and other outdoor activities.  We also have a license to run the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Silver and Gold).  This is something that you will be given the opportunity to take part in if you so wish.  

You will receive notification via email that we have received your application and we will keep you informed throughout the process – please ensure you check your communication centre for progress on your application.

Once you have submitted your application form you will be sent a vetting form which you must complete at your earliest opportunity. 

Only online applications will be accepted and any applications submitted after the closing date/time will not be accepted.

No formal qualifications are required to apply, however places are limited. Your application will be subject to a full integrity check (similar to a CRB check).  The scheme will start in October 2021. For further information please contact the Citizens In Police Unit for further advice and support. Details are shown below:

Telephone: 0151 777 8970/4182
Email: volunteer.police.cadets@merseyside.police.uk

Merseyside Police is committed to developing a department that is representative of the diverse communities that we police and serve.  As a department, we strive to ensure that all our personnel practices, including recruitment, promotion and development are applied consistently and fairly and that the overriding principle governing selection is always based on merit alone.

We recognise that although the diversity of our staff is improving, we are not fully representative yet and we are striving to address this imbalance through positive action support.

What is Positive Action
Positive action is simply a strategy which seeks to level the playing field for under-represented groups by providing advice, guidance and support where required, whilst still maintaining the high standards for recruitment and promotion.

Why do we need it?
A diverse workforce brings with it many advantages such as:
·Putting our community first – a diverse workforce will help us to understand the diverse needs of our communities and be able to adapt accordingly.
·Multi-cultural organisations are better positioned to serve multi-cultural communities, by overcoming language and cultural barriers.
·Increased organisational reputation – Restore and improve public confidence – we start to represent those we protect
·Increased Productivity – Staff perform better in an organisation that is truly reflective and values diversity and well-being
·Providing more adaptability in terms of problem solving by offering a wider array of possible solutions;

Who is eligible for Positive Action
The Equality Act allows positive action to be used when there is under-representation. Within Merseyside Police the following groups/communities are currently under-represented
·Females (police officer roles only)
·Ethnic minorities,
·Disabled (If you have a disability which would still allow you to fulfil the role)
·Gay/lesbian / bisexual,
·Minority religions, e.g. Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh.

What is available?
We recognise everybody is an individual and has different needs therefore the Positive Action Team (PAT) offer a variety of initiatives such as providing appropriate advice, encouragement and support throughout the recruitment process specifically for people who are underrepresented within the organisation.

Positive Action Myths
There are often many misconceptions around Positive Action, for clarity Positive Action does not
•Provide unfair advantage to any groups
•Remove competition for jobs
•Give anybody specific answers

If you would like more information regarding positive action support please contact the Positive Action Team on


The closing date for this job has now passed.