Merseyside Police Privacy Notice in respect of data held on JobTrain e-recruitment system.

Merseyside Police may collect the following data from you (where applicable) : Your Title, Forenames, Last name(s), any other previous names, DOB, NI Number, Immigration conditions in the UK, Conditions of UK Residency, Place of birth, Current address, Previous addresses, Telephone/mobile numbers, Email and postal contact details.  Specification of first language, Caring responsibilities, marital status, Academic achievements, Previous occupations, Current Merseyside Police role, Service details of Police Officers, Special Constables, PCS&TO’s, Police Staff, volunteer Cadets and HM Forces.  Drivers licence details,  Previous applications, Advert source details, Educational, Qualifications, Employment history/referee details, References, Business interests, Members of proscribed organisations, Convictions/cautions, Equality and Diversity data, Financial details, Application evidence, Tattoo details, Serving Police training records, Serving Police disciplinary records, details of recruitment outcomes, If successful – Bank details, Medical declarations.

The data you provide is with your consent and will be stored on the e-recruitment system for recruitment purposes (for example shortlisting, interviews) and other Force systems for other employment purposes within the organisation, all of which comply with relevant security standards. 

If any of the data you provide is to be subsequently shared with third parties it will be processed under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  In particular schedule 1 of the Data Protection Act lists the conditions for processing special category data.  It may be necessary for Merseyside Police to obtain your consent as a legal basis for processing in some circumstances.

Some of the data which you have provided will be formatted into anonymised data and used for statistical analysis and research for example – Equal Opportunities monitoring.

Relevant data must be retained in the event that we enter into a contract with you.

We reserve the right to transfer your information to a third party in the event of merger with another Force or the transfer of all or some of the data held by/on behalf of Merseyside Police in the event of a shared recruitment platform.  In the event of such circumstances, a similar level of technical security and organisational safeguards along with assurances around Data Protection and GDPR compliance have been proven before your data is transferred. 

We may be obliged to disclose your data to third parties to meet legal obligations or for a different lawful basis under the Act.

Candidates can remove their data from the system at any point.  Following a period of 25 months inactivity, candidate’s personal data will be removed from the system.  Other statistical/non personal information will be retained for reporting purposes only.

In addition to the above, successful candidates data will be stored separately and will be subject to a separate Privacy Notice.


Please tick the Terms and Conditions box to confirm you have read, understand and consent to how our organisation will use and store your information.