Special Constable Recruitment

Be part of something Special

Special constables are volunteer police officers, who come from all walks of life. They work both independently and alongside regular officers in Local Policing, Response, Roads Policing and other specialist departments within the Police, helping to keep communities safe.

Training to become a Special Constable takes place over 13-14 weekends across a six-month period, so please consider this when applying.

Same uniform

Special Constables wear the same uniform as their full-time, paid, counterparts. The only difference is the 'SC' above a Special Constable's collar number.

Same powers

Special Constables carry exactly the same powers as their full-time, paid, counterparts, which includes the power of arrest.

Minimal commitment

Special Constables are required to volunteer a minimum of 16 hours a month, with many doing much more than that.

Ongoing support

Special Constables are given regular training and access to CPD (continuous professional development) to ensure that they are fully-equipped to carry out the role of a Police Officer.

Be part of something special


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